The summer with Elise

We had been anticipating her stay with us with great excitement. The timetable for sharing her was planned well in advance. She would stay with me the first 3½ days. Excitement was building. Then she arrived, and she was every bit as beautiful as we had dreamed of! The sleek and beautifully curved body promised fun and pleasure, but also made it clear that she knew how she wanted to be treated. She wasn't tall, but everybody noticed her. From the young toddler to the gnarled old taxi driver, male as well as female, they had to stop and stare for a while.

Me in EliseAfter a briefing by her former protégé detailing her feeding preferences, bathing habits and other necessary information  I was ready for my first joyride. I fumbled a bit getting her top off, as the fastenings were unknown to me. With shaking hands I finally got it off, and she was even prettier topless. Stroking my fingers lightly along her body I admired the beautiful combination of lacquer, leather and rubber. Provoking, but sexy. I carefully opened her and slid inside. Getting in the first time felt a bit awkward again, with her being so much smaller than any previous acquaintance. But what a sensation! I had never experienced anything like this. So tight, yet never cramped. Soft, but still so firm as nothing I had ever felt.

Eva and EliseNow that I was inside her she started responding to my every movement. Her purr was more feline than female. Again that sensation of raw, almost untamed power in this small body. We started out carefully, testing each other. I had to know how far I could let her go and still stay in charge. I knew I that if I let her take full control the joyride would be much too short. I wanted it to last and last. At the second intersection she slammed me hard into the seat while doing a left turn and wiggled her hips, grinding me into near bliss while the sun and the summer breeze caressed us.

Time for a bathOur first road was one of the few highways in the area. Lots of room for maneuvering, and a good view ahead at any time. As we got better aquatinted, we started exploring, both each other and the countryside. We quickly found that we both preferred small twisty country side roads to the wide highways, even if that meant spending an hour getting her body clean again. We had as much fun washing her as we had getting her dirty in the first place. We also liked the same kind of music; LOUD!

Elise and EliseThe kids loved her as well. Especially my oldest daughter who enjoyed arriving at school with this beautiful namesake. But even if she also seemed very fond of children she could only handle one at any time. Not exactly a family girl, even if she could surely be instrumental in getting one.

The day I passed her on to my colleague was a day of mixed emotions. I knew I would miss her whenever I sat behind the wheel of my old Opel. But I also knew how much she demanded. I knew I could never keep her happy, as I could not keep spending that much time on her. But I still think of our days together whenever I see one of her sisters on the streets. And I think... What if...