Huawei E220 on Lenovo IdeaPad

This guide is for Windows. On Linux, the Huawei E220 works nicely out of the box with NetworkManager.

The software for the Huawei E220 broadband modem at the time of this writing insists on a resolution of at least 800x600 to start. The Lenovo IdeaPad S10 has a resolution of 1024x576, so the application refuses to start.

To enable higher resolutions, right click on the desktop and select properties. Go to the screen configuration tab, and click the 'advanced' button. Click the screen tab, and deselect the option to hide unsupported screen resolutions.

The only command line application I could find that would allow me to set a higher resolution than the display resolution was QRes by Anders Kjersem from Download it and unpack it into your %PROGRAMFILES% directory (C:\Program Files on english windows).

Next, install the following script as "Mobile Connect.bat" in the directory where your wireless broadband application is installed. Usually %PROGRAMFILES%\Huawei Technologies\Mobile Connect\

"%PROGRAMFILES%\qres\qres.exe" /X:1024 /Y:768 /D
start /B "Mobile Connect" "%PROGRAMFILES%\huawei technologies\mobile connect\mobile connect.exe"
@ping -n 3 -w 1000> nul
"%PROGRAMFILES%\qres\qres.exe" /X:1024 /Y:576

Remember to adjust paths in this script if neccesary. This script first sets screen resolution to 1024x768, then starts the stupid application, waits a few seconds, and then resets the resolution to 1024x576.

Finally, find the original desktop link to Mobile Connect in your language equivalent of c:\documents and settings\all users\desktop. Right click it, select proerties, and make it point at the batch file you just created instead of the .exe file.

Now, when you click the link on your desktop, the display will flash a bit, the application wil start, the display will flash again, and you will get that stupid warning dialog about resolution. Don't worry. It works. You still have to press ok in that warning dialog, but Huawei have stated that the problem should be fixed in next version. We'll just have to live with this workaround until then.